Quality initiatives

Development Bases Thoroughly Pursuing Customer Needs

Komatsu NTC's development fuses its vector with the customer's point of view to give shape to ideas.
Komatsu NTC has changed to development that thoroughly pursues quality. Standardization and its analysis, quality assurance and its verification, and furthermore, organic linkage with the production site to achieve a higher level of reliability. Our goal is to create "unbreakable machines" that will be recognized at the top of the world.。

Development Division

In terms of quality, we are developing products by referring to Komatsu's new product development steps for construction machinery and incorporating quality-oriented steps.
On the technical side, we are developing Dantotsu products and strengthening fundamental technologies in cooperation with Komatsu's R&D department, and are also working on IoT initiatives.

Training Center

In order to provide world-class service, we have established a new training center to foster excellent service personnel and improve their skills. Our primary objective is to educate not only our service personnel but also our valued customers. As a manufacturing equipment supplier, another mission of the Training Center is to create "machines that don't break" and to pass on production processes and technologies.

Quality Initiatives ISO9001

Komatsu NTC is committed to improving the reliability of its products and its corporate structure with the aim of "manufacturing internationally competitive products" that earn the trust and satisfaction of its customers.

(1) Provide products that conform to customer and other requirements and achieve customer satisfaction.

(2) Continuously implement effective improvement of the quality management system.

(3) Set and implement quality targets based on the quality policy.

(4) To raise awareness of quality objectives and customer satisfaction.

(5) Evaluate and review the degree of customer satisfaction and achievement of quality targets.