Message from the President

Providing production facilities essential to the growth of the global economy

Komatsu NTC has provided production equipment indispensable to the growth of the global economy in a wide range of fields, including machine tools, wire saws, and automotive battery equipment, representing the automotive and semiconductor industries in Japan and abroad.
As a comprehensive global machine tool manufacturer, Komatsu NTC is committed to providing technologies and products that meet customer needs by pursuing "quality and reliability" and responding to changes in the environment, such as carbon neutrality and semiconductor demand.

"Quality First" and "Customer Satisfaction Improvement"

We will focus on fostering a "5S culture" (Seiri, Seiton, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Seiketsu, Shitsuke) that supports the 5S culture, and at the same time, we will thoroughly implement the Plus 1S (Safety) culture and continue to make daily efforts to fulfill CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) with sincerity.
Quality First" and "Improvement of Customer Satisfaction" are the mottos of Komatsu NTC.
Masaaki Takahashi
President and Chief Executive Officer
Komatsu NTC Ltd.

Management Philosophy

It is each and every one of our engineers who support our world-class manufacturing. As expressed in our corporate philosophy of "sincerity and sincerity," our engineers have the spirit to respond to our customers' needs and develop the industry. Many people, both veteran and young, are always ready to do what they say they will do, and our culture of steadily achieving our goals has produced many "world's best.

Komatsu's Code of Conduct

The Komatsu Code of Conduct sets forth the rules of business society that all employees of the Komatsu Group, in its ongoing pursuit of quality and reliability, are expected to observe wherever they work in the world. We aim to become a company that is increasingly trusted by society by having each and every one of our employees act in accordance with the basic policies and ideas set forth in the "Komatsu Code of Conduct.