Battery manufacturing related equipment

The laser tab forming machine we provide laser cuts electrode plates used for rechargeable batteries and forms tabs. In addition to tension control and image processing technologies developed over many years, Komatsu NTC's unique processing method enables high-speed and high-precision laser processing, making it possible to perform a series of processes such as unwinding, tab forming, slitting, inspection, cleaner, and winding while transporting at high speed.
In addition to tab molding equipment, we also handle equipment for each cell assembly process, and offer a complete line of equipment that includes conveyance and inspection systems.

Komatsu NTC technology

Komatsu NTC's advanced laser technology, high-speed conveyor technology, tension control technology, optical technology, etc.

Laser processing technology

・Cutting and welding
・Fiber, CO2
・Galvano scanner
・Gas control, fume treatment

Control technology

・Tension control technology
・Overall synchronization
・High-level communication
・Safety circuit

Image processing technology

・Imaging, Illumination, Synchronization
・Measurement, recognition, defect detection, quantitative evaluation
・High-speed image processing
・Direct control

Product lineup

Battery manufacturing related equipment

■ Battery manufacturing related equipment

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