DX Solutions

Tools used for machining in production are constantly changing condition. Generally, all tools are assumed to be in the same condition, and the number of tool life uses is fixed to avoid risk. Komatsu NTC's DX equipment acquires data at a high speed logging rate of 1 msec, and visualizes the critical state of tools through our own analysis of the acquired data. This data helps to reduce waste by making the next action visible.

Komatsu NTC technology

Komatsu NTC has delivered a large number of system equipment for high-speed identification by image processing to the automotive industry.

Automotive industry processing line

Establishing the data necessary for analysis based on numerous processing achievements and processing know-how

High-speed logging 1 msec

High-speed logging of large amounts of data to process and analyze minute changes

Independent analysis and display

Unique processing, analysis, and display of collected data according to purpose and classification.

Product lineup

"Komtas" tool monitoring system

Constantly changing tool conditions are converted to data by high-speed logging, analyzed, processed, and displayed. Signals are notified to the NC from a set "threshold value" to assist in the next action.

■ DX Solutions *Only available in Japan

Product appearance Product name Type/Function Connection NC Connection with NC Number of external input channels
・Drill/reamer ・Damage/breakage monitoring - Drill ・Head chipping monitoring ・Drill/reamer hole bending monitoring ・Drill/reamer chipping monitoring, etc. FANUC i series (Komatsu NTC machines) Ethernet connection 8ch

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