Spindle overhaul (rebuild)


We take your spindles, overhaul them, and deliver them to you.

Spindles are an essential element in maintaining continuous production and workpiece accuracy. Ongoing maintenance and rebuilds maximize equipment performance and maintain or improve productivity.

Komatsu NTC rebuilds based on overhauls to ensure quality standards and reliability.

Advantages of spindle overhaul (rebuild)

  1. Contact us for an "overhaul report".
    After spindle disassembly and inspection, we will inform you of the spindle condition and overhaul cost with a "disassembly and inspection report" of parts recommended for replacement.
  2. Quality assurance only a manufacturer can provide
    We inspect and guarantee the quality of our spindles in the same manner as new spindles before offering them to you.
  3. Share maintenance history with customers
    If you order regular overhauls, we will keep inspection records and maintain a history of spindle overhauls.

Flow of Service Provision

Rebuild models

  • Machining centers, grinding machines, SMART-FTL

N300V, N4Q
N400V, N4H7

  • Wafer manufacturing equipment for semiconductor substrates and each material


*The models listed above are examples. For other models, please contact our sales or customer support.

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