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As a comprehensive global machine tool manufacturer We deliver products and services that meet customer needs with our unique technologies to customers around the world.


True technology is the fruit of philosophy. Wisdom is the driving force of corporate development.
Based on the "sensitivity of a leading supplier" driven by these two, we will continue to steadily move forward at the forefront of the global stage.
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Because we are a manufacturer, we are able to provide detailed support tailored to our customers' needs. The Komatsu NTC Support Center is staffed by experienced personnel. If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us.
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Request for registration of relocation and resale machines

If you have relocated your equipment, purchased used equipment, or changed your company name, please contact us.
After the equipment has been registered, our service and support will be available to you.
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As a global supplier, we have earned the trust and high reputation of customers around the world.