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The following is a list of recommended products by Komatsu NTC.

We have a wide range of CAM and simulation software including "VERICUT", and we can also provide you with machine information necessary for CAM post creation.

Desk top interference check

Pre-detection of problems such as interference

Indexing and simultaneous 5-axis CAM

Simple and easy operation

Product lineup

Desk top interference check

Indexing and simultaneous 5-axis CAM

■ NC machine tool machining simulation software

Product appearance Product name Verification process Simulation OS
・Milling / Drilling / Turning / Grinding ・Multitasking ・ Indexing / Simultaneous 2- to 5-axis machining ・Stacking ・Riveting ・Wire EDM ・Probing ・Cutting condition analysis and optimization ・Program quality ・Program error correction ・Collision check between machine components (interference check) ・Excessive cutting/leftover cutting of machined parts Windows10,11 Professional (64bit) 75GB 32 GB or more
・2.5D, 3D, 5-axis milling ・Combined machining ・HSC (High Speed Cutting) ・Automation (automation) ・Dedicated modules for impellers, etc. ・Probing ・VIRTUALMachine  NC database simulation  Faithful reproduction of machining center (capture of machine coordinate values)  +/-Allows selection of +/- side machining area  Automatic generation of optimal and safe link movements  Optimization of singularities Windows10,11 Professional (64bit) 10GB or more 16GB or more

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