Repair and overhaul


Repairs and overhauls are performed by expertly trained service engineers.

The use of highly reliable genuine parts ensures that performance and condition are maintained, leading to stable operation.

You can continue to use the equipment you have been using for a long time.

Advantages of Overhaul

  1. Reliable service engineers
    Experienced service engineers who are familiar with Komatsu NTC equipment will overhaul the equipment.
  2. Planning work tailored to customer requirements
    We stock many of the major components needed for overhaul, so we can tailor the work to your plans.
  3. Same quality assurance as new
    We provide the same quality inspections and quality assurance as for new equipment, so that you can continue to use your equipment as you have used it for a long time.


Our services range from partial repairs, such as construction for urgent troubleshooting and replacement of consumable parts, to support for equipment restoration in the event of natural disasters.

Flow of service provision

Overhauled models

  • Machining centers, grinding machines, SMART-FTL

N300V, N4Q

  • Grinding machine

CLG-2B2, NGF-3015

  • Crankshaft processing machines

GPM170F2-3, GPM170F2-5

  • Wafer manufacturing equipment for semiconductor substrates and materials


*The above are just a few examples. For more details, please contact our sales representatives or customer support.

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