Products & solutions

Komatsu NTC evolves and integrates elemental technologies in various fields,
Komatsu NTC will continue to respond to the needs of the times and changes in the environment by evolving and integrating elemental technologies in each field.

We support our customers' global sites in a wide range of fields, centering on the automotive industry, semiconductor manufacturing, and battery manufacturing. We have a wealth of experience in developing and manufacturing customized products that meet the needs of our customers based on the technology and quality we have cultivated over the years. Please consider introducing our various machine tools, equipment, DX, etc. to solve your on-site issues.

Battery manufacturing related equipment

Battery manufacturing related equipment

Wafer manufacturing equipment for semiconductors and materials

Wire saw
Ultra-precision surface grinder for semiconductors

Image processing equipment

Surface and internal inspection systems
Assembly equipment
Welding equipment

DX Solutions

Machine tool monitoring system

Machining centers

Vertical machining centers
Horizontal 5-axis machining centers
Horizontal machining centers

Smart-FTL and transport systems

Design and production of jigs, trial processing and adjustment of workpieces
Conveying system, process division, process consolidation
SMART-FTL monitor

Grinding machines

Cylindrical grinding machines
Profile grinding machines
Crankshaft pin grinding machines
Centerless grinding machines 
Double-head grinding machines

Crankshaft processing machines

Internal millers
External millers
Turning & broaching machines

Crankshaft and camshaft measuring instruments

Crankshafts balance measuring machines
Crankshafts and camshafts precision measuring machines