Semiconductor Wafer Slicing Equipment & Solar Cell Wafer Slicing Equipment

Semiconductor Wafer Slicing Equipment & Solar Cell Wafer Slicing Equipment

Most-advanced wafer slicing equipment and solar cell wafer slicing wquipment

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment which we pride on its high quality and high accuracy

Taking advantage of mechatronics and knowhow amassed in our company, we, Komatsu NTC launch constantly equipment of high quality and high accuracy to the market of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Supplier supplying her equipment to major semiconductor and solar wafer manufacturers

Recently, we dispatched more than 3,000 sets of solar cell equipment to a solar cell market under the attention as one of new energy resouces. Furthermore, we will offer a high production technology and thin-wafer slicing technique to a growing solar cell market.

Challenge for a new market

Multi-wafer Maker, MWM series which allowed silicon wafer to be cut by the multi-wire saw for the first time in the world. Since then, every substrate material such as quartz and crystal can be sliced for liquid crystal industries. Besides, we are tackling a substrate slicing, and now we can slice hard materials such sapphire and magnetic materials. In addition, we propose a cutting equipment which meets the needs and wants of customers.

Line-ups of semiconductor wafer slicing equipment and solar cell wafer slicing equipment.

Kiraller MWM442DM

MWM442DM (Kiraller)

This wire saw was designed for slicing semiconductor wafers and solar cell wafers as well as wafers of small diameter. Easy to use because of a compact design is well accepted and appreciated to be a best-selling machine.

Maximum work size □156 x L300 x 2 pieces
Kiraller SP300Di

SP300Di (Kiraller)

This SP300Di is designed for small diameter hard materials like Sapphire, SiC and Ceramics using diamond wire for high speed and high accuracy cutting.
Sapphire cover glass of smart phones is a new application.

Maximum work size ⌀6" x L300 x 1 piece
Kiraller MWM3050nQ

MWM3050nQ (Kiraller)

This MWM3050nQ pursues to slice a wafer of more than 8" for solar cell with a stable cutting accuracy The world's first NC cutting program installed to the machine allows various and detailed cutting process.

Maximum work size ⌀12" x L450 x 1 piece
Kiraller MWM650SQ & MWM11411

MWM650SQ & MWM1000SQ (Kiraller)

These series are designed for slicing a quartz which is used as liquid crystal mask substrate. Komatsu NTC's original technology allows wafer of one ( 1 ) square meter in diameter to be sliced. MWM650SQ is used for cutting target materials.

Maximum work size MWM650SQ:□650 x L400 x 1 piece
MWM1000SQ:□1100 x L350 x 1 piece
Sun Friends PV1000H

PV1000H (Sun Friends)

These machines are enjoying a favorable comment worldwide as the cutting machines for solar cel wafers. The machines are designed in details so that they are easy to use and shortening a cutting time with a high yield. In addition. These machine can accept a dismond wire to cut.

Maximum work size PV800H:□156 x L1000 x 1 piece
Sun Friends PV700DM

PV700DM (Sun Friends)

This machine is called "Multi-Block Slicer" , which cuts an ingot for a solar cell in cubes. MBS1000 allows mass production, and less kerf loss compare with conventional band-saw cutting.

Maximum work size PV700DM:□156 x L700 x 1 piece
Miraller SWI-160C

SWI-160C (Miraller)

This system performes geometry measuring and detects all defects of wafer, inside and outside.
Minute cracks are also detected, that improves the production yield of the cell process.

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