Transfer Machines and Special-purpose Machines

Transfer Machines and Special-purpose Machines

A group of machines making parts of the power unit such as an engine and a transmission which can be called a heart of an automobile are Komatsu NTC transfer machines, and Numerical Controlled special purpose machine. "Komatsu NTC branded machines"are used by car makers and car-parts makers with satisfaction in the world.
Global evaluations of the machines tell us " Machine of No Break ", " Machine of No Stop ", and " Machine of Easy Recovery ". We have won lots of awards of internationally well-known customers. In addition to a supplier of machines, we have been proposing integrated systems (from materials to finished products) and business on turn-key basis. Thus, we have grown, and developed to be an all-round machine tool maker.

Crystallization of philosophy and wisdom

We put together the most advanced elemental technologies, which we continue to improve together with the world's automotive industry.
It is exactly appropriate to call it a “Dream Machine” in the field of engineering.

Supplier supplying her equipment to major auto manufacturers

What is called the heart of an automobile, consisting of a great number of parts and components, is the drive mechanism, which is the power unit including the engine, transmission, and so on. Groups of Komatsu NTC's machines centering around transfer machines are pivotal in these mass production systems (automatic transfer combined machine tools), and various grinders have been widely used both in the domestic and overseas markets under the slogan “the Top Level in the World.”

Capability to propose outstanding production systems

In addition, Komatsu NTC contributes to the development of the automotive industry not only in the supply of machine tools but also in the supply of new hardware into which software is incorporated. Komatsu NTC's total capability to make such a proposal based on the deep operational understanding to meet all the needs of our customers has earned the trust and high reputation from our customers both in the domestic and overseas markets.

Productivity and reliability recognized by Global Market

Komatsu NTC received numerous awards as "Best Supplier" from auto manufacturers in the world.This was due to customer's high evaluation of the productivity and reliability of NTC machines, which were supplied to customers' plant in the world for machining various automotive parts.In fact, it can be said that we, Komatsu NTC was the leader of Japanese machine tool manufacture.

Examples of machining

  • Cylinder head
  • Cylinder block
  • Transmission case
  • Clutch housing case
  • Bearing plate
  • Valve body
  • Gear carrier
  • Housing camshaft
  • Crankcase
  • Connecting rod
  • Flywheel
  • Housing oil pump
  • Crankshaft
  • Air conditioner parts
  • Others

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