On-site assist monitor to guide the next move. Line status and forecast at a glance!

Highly efficient on-site setup

  • Medium-volume and medium-volume production requires a lot of setup work due to its flexibility. We assist our clients to minimize on-site movement and to move efficiently around the site.


Main features and specifications

Tool life schedule

  • Displays tool life warning time and tool life time based on the number of times the tool has been used to aid pre-setup.

Smart preventive maintenance

  • The system announces the travel distance of each axis, the number of ATC cycles, and the total operating hours and cycles of gantries, jigs, and other equipment. Items requiring maintenance are indicated in red to enable planned maintenance.

Lubricating oil level display

  • The amount of oil used for shaft lubrication, hydraulic pumps, ATC units, spindle mist, and tilting table can be easily identified by a list of OP numbers. This assists efficient operation.

Display of production results by production workpiece type

  • In medium-volume production, production results for each workpiece type are displayed along with planned values. This allows you to check at a glance whether or not there are any problems with equipment operation, and helps you make the next schedule and take action.
 Applicable models = NX series * Display contents can be customized. Other models may be supported with some conditions.
Display items Display Target device
Line operating condition Color coding Stockers, loaders, sub STAs, machines, equipment, etc.
Workpiece type name Character Each machine
Cycle time Second (60th min) Each machine
Electricity consumption of each machine Kwh Each machine
Conveyor system status Color coding Stockers, loaders, sub STAs, machines, equipment, etc.
Production output Pieces/day Whole
Perating ratio % Whole
Tool Information Color coding Each machine
Oil quantity information Graph Each machine
Error indication Character Stockers, loaders, sub STAs, machines, equipment, etc.

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