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Quality assurance / Coping with the Environment

Quality assurance

R & D Center where we pursue our customers needs

In our development, we merge its vector with customer's view point to create a form of the idea. We have changed our development policy to pursue the quality through and through. Standardization and its analysis, quality guaranty and its verification, and by interlocking with production field to secure a reliability of a high level for our customers.
We are aiming at production of “Machine of No Break” which is appreciated at the zenith of the world.

Customers Center

Customers Center

For quality, we develop our product under our Quality-oriented Step which is referenced to New Product Development Step for Komatsu.
For technology, we develop our DANTOTSU product and enhance basic technology in corporation with R&D Division, and implement an effort to IOT.

Training Center

Training Center

For supplying a technical service of world top level, we have set up the training center to foster our excellent service and to improve their technique. Not only an instruction of our servicemen, but also instruction of our customers' operators of our machines is the first place, and the most important purpose of the Center. Additionally, in order to Manufacturing Equipment Supplier “Machine of No Break” , the mission of the Training Center is to make trainees master the production process from top-to-bottom, and make them share their knowledge with their coworkers.

How to Tackle Quality Control ISO9001

Quality Policy

Komatsu NTC will strive to improve reliability of the products and structure of the company by aiming at “Manufacturing internationally competitive products” which obtains customers' trust and satisfaction.

  1. To meet the requests of customers, and supply the products of customer satisfaction.
  2. To improve continuously and effectively the quality management system.
  3. To set up the quality objective according to the quality policy, and execute it.
  4. To make all employees know the quality objective and enhance their will to get customer satisfaction.
  5. To evaluate the achievement degrees of customer satisfaction and quality objective, and to review the results.

Coping with the Environment

Komatsu NTC Environment Policy

1.Fundamental Principle

 Komatsu NTC Ltd. will further improve the technology cultivated in the development and production of machine tools and industrial equipment, positively promote environmental conservation activities in consideration of the community and contribute to build a society available for sustainable development.

2.Action Guideline

  1. Comply with environmental laws, regulations or related agreements, and strive to prevent environmental pollution and continuously improve environmental conservation according to Komatsu Global Environmental Policy.
  2. Set goals considering the impact of our business activities on the environment and strive for continuous improvement activities through our original business.
  3. Strive to reduce CO2 emissions in development and production activities considering global environment.
  4. Carry out resource saving activities in consideration of global environment and strive to make effective use of resources and reduce the amount of industrial waste.
  5. Recognize biodiversity as one of the important issues of global environment, to work on global environmental conservation activities.
  6. Inform all employees of this policy through educational and enlightenment activities.
Coping with the Environment

Development of environmental conservation activities

Energy saving, Effective use of resources

  1. Reduction of electricity consumption
  2. Promotion of renewable energy use
  3. Reduction of water consumption

Waste reduction activities

  1. Maintaining recycling rate over 99.6%
  2. Recycling of industrial waste
  3. Promotion of separate collection of waste, Inspection of final disposal companies
  4. Waste management (100% of processing with manifesto)

Compliance with legal regulations & Pollution prevention

  1. Reduction of the environmental load substances
  2. Appropriate management of chemical substances
  3. Prevention and monitoring of soil pollution
  4. Compliance with environmental legal regulations

Development of environmental load-reducing products & Environmental load evaluation at the design stage

  1. Development of environmental load-recuing products
  2. List of energy saving items, Estimate and evaluation based on evaluation criteria
  3. Information collection on eco-friendly products
  4. Trial operation for LCA introduction

Operation and maintenance of EMS

  1. Implementation of environmental education and training
  2. Maintenance of ISO14001 certification

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