Company Profile

Global Standard We deliver global standard machines to customers throughout the world.

We are aware that Komatsu NTC's engineering capability is at the top in the world.
At the cutting edge of engineering as the automobile industry as a core, and with one of the best total engineering capabilities in the world, which has been accumulated through friendly rivalry, we aim at further originality as a supplier.
A true technology is the crystallization of philosophy. The driving force of corporate development is wisdom. Based on "the sensitivity of a leading supplier'' which is towed by these two facts, we will continue to steadily proceed on the cutting edge of the global stage in the future.

President's greetings

A report on the Komatsu NTC Corporation vision.

Outline of Company

An introduction to outline.

Company History

An introduction to history.

List of Directors and Auditors

An introduction to organization.

Group Companies

An introduction to Group Companies.

Head Office and Factories

At each factory, we create No. 1 products in the world.

Sales Offices

An introduction to Sales Offices.

Overseas Rollout

An introduction to our overseas strategies, which are being rolled out centering on America, Asia, and Europe.

Business introduction

In each business field, we have gained high recognition from our customers in Japan and overseas.

Sales Results

Domestic Sales Results & Overseas Sales Results

Quality assurance / Coping with the Environment

An introduction to some of our approaches to create products that operate as the best in the world and our approaches to the environment.

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