Horizontal 5-axis machining center CX500

High-efficiency horizontal 5-axis machining center

All with high efficiency.

The 5-axis machine combines the space accuracy, chip handling, and operator friendliness required of a 5-axis machine into a single machine. The smoothness of each of these features results in high efficiency. This horizontal 5-axis machining center can be used as a stand-alone machine or as part of a line.

Main features and specifications

Improved chip evacuation with overhead machining posture

  • The table is in an upside-down position, allowing chips to settle into the trough directly below without any obstructions. This also reduces the accumulation of chips on the workpiece and jig, which results in a lower failure rate and reduces manual handling for cleaning the machining chamber.

Cantilevered table structure for improved setup

  • There is no tailstock on the operator's side, which improves operability and confirmability, including centering confirmation. Also, each time the A-axis swings, chips fall from a wide range of angles, preventing chips from accumulating on the jig. A hydraulic port for the jig is also available as an option.

Spatial accuracy compensation improves reliability and work efficiency

  • Positioning compensation is not limited to the usual one linear XYZ axis, but spatial compensation is numerically input using special software. This makes it easy to use the program output from CAM immediately and improves ease of use and setup.


  • The height from the floor to the top of the pallet is kept at 1,120mm, which is high enough to allow step-less operation, and the door opening on the take-up side of the 2-sided pallet is as wide as 1,250mm, opening in a fan shape at the top. The main operation panel is also located in an easy-to-see position for improved operating efficiency.
Machine specification items Unit Standard specification value
pallet mm 500 × 500 (2-sided swivel type, top side: M16 tap)
Stroke XYZ mm 800 / 800 / 900
Spindle taper type Type HSK-A63
Spindle speed min-1 100~20,000
Spindle motor Kw Output (10 min / continuous) 37 / 26
Fast forwarding speed m/min 60
Number of tools stored (Somebody's) side 60
Max. tool length/Max. tool diameter mm 400 / Φ250
Control unit Type FFANUC 31i-B PLUS series
Machine Size mm W2,985×D6,175×H3,280
Machine mass Kg 18,000

Video Introduction

Product Features

The following video introduces the machine features of the ComPlex5400

Simultaneous 5-axis machining movie

Model : Vacuum chamber
Material : A7075

Simultaneous 5-axis machining movie

Model : Glass (Tulip)
Material : A7075

Additional Functions and Recommended Plans

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By monitoring and managing the information, it supports investigation of the cause of machine trouble and predictive maintenance.

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