Tab forming equipment

Responding to the next generation of battery manufacturing

  • High production and high quality
  • Flexibility of tab patterns
  • Conveying technology supporting stable production
  • ancillary equipment

Main features and specifications

High production and high quality

  • Laser processing employing a galvanometer scanner realizes high-precision processing with high-speed transfer. The industry's fastest level of 120 m/min enables free and flexible tab forming.
  • Adopts a processing method to cut the pole plate without stopping laser irradiation. Burrs on the cut surface are suppressed, and seamless, uniform, high-quality products are produced.

Conveying technology supporting stable production

  • Movable rollers hold the tension of the pole plate properly to prevent deflection.
  • Automatically adjusts meandering of the pole plate. Stable production is realized by controlling transport and processing defects.

Flexibility of tab patterns

  • The top edge, bottom edge, height, and pitch can be set as desired for each tab by simply changing the parameters on the touch panel or attached PC.

Ancillary equipment

  • Half slitter
  • Image processing inspection machine (dimensions, defects)
  • Cleaner
  • NG marking function
  • Automatic foil splicer (turret, auto splicer)
Max. machining speed 120 mm/mim
Max. oscillator output 1.0 kW
Machining accuracy ±0.25mm (Tab Height, Tab pitch, Tab width)、±0.3mm (Electrode width)
Tab forming target Cathode / Anode
Work width 120 ~ 700 mm
Work roll diameter Φ700 mm
Max. workpiece weight 600 kg
Tab height 5 ~ (35) mm
Tab width 8 ~ (80) mm
Distance between tabs 10 ~ (400) mm
Tension range 10 ~ 200 N
Machine size(W×L×H) 11,000×2,000×3,000 mm
 *Custom made to order to meet required specifications is available.

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