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Business introduction

Komatsu NTC products consist of transfer machines / exclusive-purpose machiesmachines, machining centers, grinding machines, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.


A group of machines making parts of the power unit such as an engine and a transmission which can be called a heart of an automobile are Komatsu NTC transfer machines, and Numerical Controlled special purpose machine. "Komatsu NTC branded machines"are used by car makers and car-parts makers with satisfaction in the world.
Global evaluations of the machines tell us " Machine of No Break ", " Machine of No Stop ", and " Machine of Easy Recovery ". We have won lots of awards of internationally well-known customers. In addition to a supplier of machines, we have been proposing integrated systems (from materials to finished products) and business on turn-key basis. Thus, we have grown, and developed to be an all-round machine tool maker.


As for machining tools, we have been manufactured processing machine of crankshaft, which is the major component of engine.
Especially, the unique structure of our crankshaft miller achieves high reliability, high efficiency and high accuracy, which is valued as the most economical by auto manufacturer from around the world.
We can meet wide-ranging engine needs from small miller for small engine to supersize miller for vessel engine.


We have full line-ups of grinding machines that are able to meet a wide range of needs from the centerless grinders used for all-purpose to large-sized crank-shaft special purpose grinders.
By using an advanced technology which supports our original ultra-precision grinding, and numerous know-how which allows high accuracy grinding, a result of our many years of effort, we have been supplying a large number of machines to automotive industry and bearing industry which regard reliability and high productivity as most important for many years.
According to the needs of our customers, we develop and design the transfer equipment such as gantry loaders as well as systems necessary for automation. Focusing on high precision grinding, reliability, and automation, we will supply our customers continuously with equipment of customer satisfaction.


The use of Machining Centers which are basic units of machine tools is now expanding its field from a general machining to mold machining. Recently, it is used also in a field of ultra-precision micro-machining. In addition to automotive related industries, we are supplying these machines to other industries such as aerospace industry, electronic industry, and medical industry for us to contribute to a society in various ways.
We have won an everlasting trust of our customers by solving the problems regarding the machining lines for automotive parts at which we are good as well as for engines of all-purpose, and regarding diverse-types-and-small-quantity production by Horizontal/Vertical Column Traverse Machining Centers of all-purpose arranged in a new lineup. We have launched ultra-micro-precision machining, which has enabled us to meet demand of a niche market. Thus, we are continuously trying to enlarge the application fields.


With Komatsu NTC Multi-wafer Maker, MWM series we have made it possible to cut wafers efficiently and very accurately for the first time in the world. These series of the wafer slicing equipment are fruits of the integration of our accumulated mechatronic technology, high-speed precision drive technology, and very thin wire tension control technology. Thanks to the above successful integration of Komatsu NTC's technologies, we are enjoying the No. 1 market share in the world since we started sales of our wire saw, MWM series.
In order to meet various needs of our customers, we have made a wide range of the series from small-sized model to super-big-sized model, and various peripheral equipment which supports these cutting machines.

Image Processing Device & Other Equipment

Image processing

The most excellent ability of human visual sense is to recognize the difference between nomal and to identify what you see.
The image processing which has the close ability of such sensibility can provide a appearance inspection to replace the visual inspection.
In addition to original functions, high-speed, high-precision, wide range view and high durablity, the image processing meets required needs beyond the human eyeys.

Vehicle battery manufacturing device

We has been involved on manufacturering device and inspection equipment for vehicle battery which can be said that the second heart of next-generation vehicles.
We integrate machine technology, control technology and image processing technology to meet the needs for next-generation vehicles.

Conveying Equipment

We supply Gantry Loader along with our Flexible Transfer Machine.
It is the most suitable equipment when transferring cylinder head & block.
We also provide swing hand loader for shaft parts such as crank and camshaft, and robot transfer system.

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