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Turning & Broaching Machine GPR Series

Turning & Broaching Machine GPR Series


Machining Part

Machining Part

All main journal, Front shaft, Rear flange


  • Functional Concentration

    The flexible processing machine which concentrated the function of a lathe and a turn brooch.

  • Full Automation To Reduce Man Power

    80 inserts make extends

    • Cutter change interval.
    • Full automation process.

    The number of times of a quality check decreases sharply by automatic edge-of-a-blade measurement and automatic compensation.

  • Process Concentration

    By the hold substitute by right-and-left both chucks, two or more lathes are collected to one set.

  • High Tool Reliability

    High chipping reliability is acquired by highly rigid tool support.

Rear Flange Machining
Front Shaft Machining
Main Journal Machining

High Rigidity : Center is clamped by Triple Jaw

System Integration

The latest system, with its high productivity and reliability, can be provided for the primary machining portion of the crankshaft production line.

System Integration


Main Specification

Items Contents Unit GPR250B2-2 GPR300B2
Max. Length of Workpiece mm 600 700
Max. Swing Diameter mm 250 300
Minimum Cutting Diameter mm ⌀20 ⌀30
Cutter Number of cutter - 2 2
Diameter mm ⌀625 ⌀700
Insert - 40 x 2 45 x 2
Primary Dimension A Width mm 3800 4800
B Depth mm 2960 3000
C Work Height mm 1150 1250
D Height
(Autoloader Range)
mm 2030 2410
E Height mm 2175 3000
Machine Weight kg 10000 20000


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