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We offer the Global Standard with Global Teamwork.

Komatsu NTC Ltd. has supplied production equipment worldwide to various industries such as automotive, semiconductor, machine tool, wire saw and In-vehicle battery production equipment, which are essential for the growth of the world economy.

As a global machine tool manufacturer, we pursue "quality and reliability", respond to environmental changes such as "carbon neutral" and "semiconductor demand", and provide technologies and products that meet customer needs.

We constantly create new products with our unique high-value-added technology. We offer the Global Standard to customers and business partners around the world.

We focus on the further development of a "5S Plus 1S" philosophy (Sorting, Simplifying access, Sweeping, Standardization, Self-discipline and Safety) which enhances overall efficiency.

To promote Corporate Social Responsibility, we will continue to work on our role with the best intentions toward the environment and the world community.

Komatsu NTC's motto is "Quality comes first" while "Improving the customer's satisfaction".

Masaaki Takahashi
President and Chief Executive Officer
Komatsu NTC Ltd.

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