Profile grinding machines NTG-CM series & PX3560

Cam profile grinding

Combination of high-precision technologies

  • For cam shape following grinding machines based on the journal axis, fine feed accuracy, rigidity, and low vibration of the infeed axis are important. High-precision technology cultivated over many years is applied to cam grinding machines, contributing to stable productivity.

Main features and specifications


  • Integrated machine with ancillary equipment for small-diameter grinding wheels. Low-vibration, high-speed, high-precision machine with hybrid bearing and belt drive for the grinding wheel spindle and linear motor and hydrostatic pressure for the infeed spindle.


  • High-precision grinding machine for large cam grinding. Line-compatible and easy-to-operate for high production efficiency.


  • High-speed, high-precision, high-rigidity compact cam grinding machine with a stable, low center of gravity that suppresses unbalance, runout, and resonance
※The transfer method described above is a typical example. Please contact us for further details.
Workpiece transfer method Feature Use
Gantry transfer Mass production The grinding machine has a 2-arm type with an automatic ceiling cover opening/closing system.
Ceiling-mounted robot Mass production When a large number of postures are required to carry workpieces to each machine, etc.
Manual Conveyor Medium volume Manual pallet transfer system
Simplified loader Medium volume Stand-alone automation with mechanical loaders on all sides of the machine

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