Double-head grinding machines DSG series

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Reliable Brand DSG Double-head Grinding Machine Series

  • In 1956, the first mass-produced DSG-23 type was launched. Double-head grinders require extremely high rigidity and high precision due to their unique processing method. With our abundant experience and high technology, we are able to provide high precision and high production for everything from small to large parts.


Main features and specifications

DSG-3H Series

  • Space-saving, high-productivity machine for efficient processing of small items and a wide variety of products.

DSG-5H Series

  • High-density finishing machines from heavy-duty grinding to precision grinding to suit the workpiece.

DSG-7H Series

  • High-density finishing machine with flexibility and high rigidity that can handle a wide variety of workpieces.

DSG-10H Series

  • Highly rigid, high-productivity machine for highly efficient grinding of large workpieces and workpieces with large allowances.
Processing method Feature Use
Through-feed High output Collars, piston rings, valve seats, etc.
Rotary Carrier Complex geometry Connecting rods, bushings, needles, etc
Swing High precision Bushings, cross joints, valves, ceramics, etc.
Reciprocating engine High precision Large collars, compressor parts, drive gears, etc.

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