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Proven Brand CLG Series

  • In 1952, we began production of the CLG-2 model, the prototype of the later best-selling CLG-2BII, which was highly acclaimed worldwide for its performance. We have contributed to the production of various industries including bearings. Our accumulated technologies, including the know-how for stable rotation of workpieces as well as high rigidity, have been passed on with unwavering trust and evolution.


Main features and specifications


  • Compact and highly rigid machine with concrete bed. High positioning accuracy with linear guide system for table movement. Grinding wheel size: Φ610mm x width 125mm


  • High productivity machine that can handle a wide range of workpieces from long workpieces to tapered parts. Grinding wheel size: Φ610mm x width 305mm


  • Highly rigid bed structure allows the machine to handle long and heavy workpieces. Grinding wheel size: Φ610mm x width 510mm


  • Grinding wheel and regulating wheel are both slide-type to accommodate a wide range of transfer methods. Highly rigid machine with both grinding wheel holders for the largest workpiece diameter in the series. Grinding wheel size: Φ610mm x width 510mm
Workpiece transfer method Feature Use
Parts Feeder Through-feed Grinding of small workpieces by adjusting their posture by vibration and automatic feeding
Ring feeder Through-feed Continuous grinding of bearing outer rings, etc.
Double Shifter Loader In-feed Highly efficient transport of small workpieces in in-feed grinding
Tandem gantry/td> In-feed In-feed grinding of camshafts without setup

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