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Complex Machine BTM Series

Complex Machine BTM Series


Machining Part

BTM Series provide boring, turning, milling, drilling and slotting in vertical, horizontal and diagonal machining for casing and housing applications

Machining Part Machining Part


BTM08YS-2 is a multi-operation machining center designed to function as vertical lathe, horizontal and certical machining cener.

  • Multiple Operations

    BTM Series offer various operations such as boring, turning, milling and drilling, etc.

  • Multi-sided Machining

    Vertical, horizontal and diagonal plane machining in one single set-up and chucking.

  • Integrated Machining Process

    Lower space and fewer machine requirement in production line due to integrated machining process of vertical lathe and vertical/horizontal machining center.

  • Man-hour Saving

    Minimize set-up change intervals and times.

Multi-operation with multi-sided machining in one single set-up and chucking

Multi-operation with multi-sided machining Multi-operation with multi-sided machining

Swing head allows to index at any position of every 5 degrees within 90 degrees, vertically or horizontally (every 1 degree as an option) with C axis indexing function that performs multi-sided machining in one single set-up and chucking


Main Specification


Items Unit Specification Remarks
and C-axis
Maximum swing in the machine /
Maximum machining diameter
mm ⌀1200 (*1)/
⌀800 (*2)
(*1) Restrictions may apply
(*2) Conditional maximum machining diameter: ⌀1100
Pallet diameter mm ⌀800
Motor output x maximum
torque kW x Nm
kW x Nm 30 x 2716 /
22 x 1992
0min/continuous rating
(with HL coil switching device)
Maximum number of
min-1 630
C-axis indexing
minimum unit
Degrees 0.001
Maximum loading weight kg 1250 Including pallet
Tool spindle
and swing head
Spindle end taper - MAS BT50 OP: Compatibility with dual contact (BIG PLUS) system
Motor output x maximum torque kW x Nm 15 x 344 /
11 x 172
15 min/continuous rating (with HL coil switching device)
Maximum number of revolutions min-1 6000 mm
A-axis maximum x
minimum indexing angle
Degrees 90 x 5 / 90 x 1 STD / OP
Axis travel X-axis x Y-axis x Z-axis mm ±425 x 1100 x 1200 X-axis: left-right movement of table
Y-axis: front-back movement of column
Z-axis: up-down movement of tool spindle
Fast-forwarding speed X-axis x Y-axis x Z-axis x C-axis m/min(min-1) 24 x 20 x 24 x 20 3000
ATC Storage capacity for tools 60 / 90, 120 STD / OP
Maximum tool diameter x length x weight mm x mm x kg ⌀125 (*3) x 600 x 25 (*3) When there are no adjoining tools: ⌀250
APC Type - 2-face fixed type ⌀With 2 800 tapped pallets
NC unit Manufacturer & type - FANUC 18i MB
Coolant apparatus
and chip conveyor
Tank capacity L 350 / 700 STD / OP
Discharge pressure x
discharge rate
Mpa x L/min 0.4 x 50 / 0.4 x 190
(@ 60Hz)
STD / OP (0.3 x 190 @ 50Hz)
Chip conveyor - Coil conveyor x 2 + floor conveyo (*1)r
Installation requirements Required floor area x height mm 5370 x 6195 x 4080
Net machine weight kg 22500 / 30000 Machine body / with standard APC, ATC, etc.

Standard accessories

  • Spindle / table lubricating oil cooling apparatus
  • Scale feedback for X, Y, Z, C axes
  • Shuttle-Type APC
  • 660-tool magazine ATC
  • Standard chip conveyor
  • Automatic power-off
  • 2 tapped pallets
  • Front-face automatic door
  • Splash guard
  • Installation parts
  • Air blow for tool shank
  • Standard coolant apparatus
  • Machine status indication lights
  • Dynamometer
  • Dismantling and adjusting tools


  • Dual contact (BIG PLUS) compatible spindle
  • Center-through coolant (2MPa)
  • Pallets (tapped pallets are standard equipment)
  • Rigid tap
  • Short-circuit breaker
  • Swing head indexing with one-degree intervals
  • APC (Shuttle-type is standard equipment)
  • Turning base bars
  • Automatic power-off
  • Coolant shower
  • Fully covered ceiling
  • Set Jaws (for T-slotted pallets)
  • Lighting system



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